Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cape Cod

In 3 little days We will be here in our favorite place. We wait all year for our week on Cape Cod with our friends. I will be soaking up the light and inspiration. I'll be painting and taking tons of photos to paint at hme when its cold here in NY.



Jo said...

Have a FABULOUS time in Cape Cod. My family is there right now, and then they're going to New York.


I'm sorry to hear about you little cat. It's such a loss, isn't it? We love these little creatures.

Carl said...

Hi Jo

Thanks. I can't describe how much I enjoy the cape. The light is awesome. Our friends are there with us and here is just something special to me about that place. We went there a lot when i was a kid. It was one place where the nostalgia isn't lost to the reality.
Thanks also for the kind words about Dex.