Saturday, July 05, 2008


I woke this morning and was a bit gloomy. Other than a couple of shots of water lilies early in the week I had no had a lot to show for my week off. While I am making progress on Shooting B&W Infrared on 120 there were time consuming setbacks this week. However when I woke and saw the sky was as gloomy as my mood, but with some strong sun behind it I know what to do. I grabbed my tripod and my camera and headed to Skylands (the NJ Botanical Garden). Cloudy days are great for shooting flowers as you get a nice glow about them without blowing out the highlights. I wandered through gardens for a couple of hours and then rushed home to my computer to see if what I had captured was as cool as I was thinking it was. Happily they were. Here are a few samples of this mornings work. Which do you like / not like? I'll probably pick something out of these for a watercolor tomorrow.


Janice Thomson said...

These are all beautiful Carl! I love the Yucca - such a majestic plant when it blooms.
Is the bottom shot Loosestrife?
Love the soft focus on the little boy statue.
Would like to have seen the second shot a bit closer but any one of these would make a great watercolor- can't wait to see the one you do :)

Mama Lou said...

fantastic shots, Carl. I am so glad you did not give up the day and went to get these terrific photos.

A's Mom said...

These are great shots! I especially love that you captured the bee on the flower!