Wednesday, April 03, 2013

London Photos

Here are the first few images from our trip to London this passed weekend.  We had an amazing time.  What a great city.

Tube Station at Trafalgar Square

Fountain at Trafalgar with National Gallery in the background.

The ubiquitous and essential London taxi

The London Eye.  It dominates the landscape down by the Thames.

Jubilee Bridge.

I just shipped seven rolls of B&W film off to the lab.  It will be about a week before they are back so most of the images I will work on this week are color photos.  Also I will be attending the NYBG Orchid show this weekend so I will have some of those for you next week as well.

Keep Makin' Art!

Big Ben

Battle of Britain Monument (Detail)

Blogger is not letting me submit new posts so I edited the first one and added the rest of the pics



Dave King said...

Magnificent. A real treat to see London through such fresh and perceptive eyes. Thanks a million.

Carl said...

Thank you Dave! 4 days is simply not enough time to photograph London. I got some great images, but have ideas for many more. I can't wait to review the 7 rolls of black and white film I shot next week when I get the contact sheets back.

Rie said...

Beautiful!!! I've always wanted to go to London. Can't wait to see the rest.