Thursday, April 25, 2013

Test Shots for Cross Rails

Here are the test shots from my visit to Cross Rails at Red Gate farm last night.  I got some pretty good shots outside.  I have more ideas about lenses and what I want to shoot next time.  Inside the barn is tough.  I did not like results with flash, but shooting without it meant pushing the iso to 2500 and having the lens wide open for a 60th of a second.  Not a combination for sharp photos, but I will figure it out or stick to outside shots.  I plan to make several trips this summer.  it was fun to be outside photographing on a beautiful spring night.

Keep Makin' Art!


Dave King said...

Hey, this is a new departure, no? Me like! My personal preference would be for the middle two shots -- speaking of them as art, that is. Brilliant!

Carl said...

Hi Dave
Yep another departure. Thanks. Those are my favorites too.

Rie said...

Beautiful. If you want to "practice" horse shots, come on over. We have a thoroughbred resuce up the road. On the way you'll have barns, fields and maybe some other things to catch your eye.

Carl said...

Rie - Thanks I will take you up on that.