Saturday, December 15, 2012

Where have I been you ask?

I have not forgotten about my little blog, just have not had time lately to take many photos or to post anything.  My parents bought a house in Florida and we have been preparing for their move.  We Arrived at the house yesterday and found all the work Mom and dad wanted done before the move in to be done very well.  The house looks great.  We will be running errands and prepping a few things this weekend in anticipation of the movers arriving on Monday.  I will be taking some photos down here and hope to post a few times before heading back North in several weeks.  The drive down went smoothly.  I had been a little nervous about driving my folks and the dog that far, but it all went very well.  Today is the first day I did not have to wake up and jump in the car for a day of driving.  I will send out some posts after I find things to photograph down here.  There is pretty nice looking lighthouse by the beach fifteen minutes from here. Should make for some nice photos and paintings even.  Daytona is famous for its racetrack and motorcycle week so I hope to add a few new images to my 'machines' collection.  I did not bring any of the film cameras when I decided what to pack.  It was a tough call, but space was at a premium.  So I will shoot all digital while I am here and resume my film project in January in New York.

Keep Makin' Art!


JeannetteLS said...

I bet you'll miss your folks, Carl. I have to catch up on your blog to see what this film project is in NY! May you have a wonderful Christmas.

Dave King said...

Looks absolutely superb. I wish them all luck and happiness in their new home.

Carl said...

Hi Jeannette - Nice to hear from you. Thank You. It will be different having them so far away, but I am confident they will do well here in Florida.

Hi Dave - Thank You very much.