Sunday, September 30, 2012

Two sides of the same coin. Hoboken Terminal Station.

I went to the Hoboken Terminal Train Station today with the goal of showing two sides of the same coin in one place.  I chose the classical elegance of the Beaux-Arts Waiting room and contrasted it with the modern, edgy and run-down platform.  It was an awesome exercise!  I truly enjoyed the challenge.

I will post more images of the waiting room soon.  It deserves its own post and a write up of this grand space.

Keep Makin' Art!


Dave King said...

You're right: it does deserve it's own post and write up, but this post is a total WOW to be going on with!

Rie said...

I can't wait to show Bobby this post. I love the old waiting area. You can almost see the history of generations past in it.

Carl said...

Dave - Thanks! I am working on the full post and story of the waiting room for tonight.

Rie - Thanks! I can't wait to get back and take more photos there... Maybe at night.


Unknown said...

Beautiful! Never seen anything like it. Love the way they build it.
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