Monday, September 10, 2012

Waterfalling Rickett's Glen Pa.

I went to an absolutely amazing place today called Rickett's Glen State Park.  Within a seven mile trail there are over twenty named waterfalls and scores of small waterfalls.  Due to a time limit I set on myself I only got to see about a third of the trail, but was able to come away with these beauties!  I will be back later in the fall to see more of the wonders held in this gem of a park.  It was totally worth getting up at 4:30 and driving two and half hours to get there.

Keep Makin' Art!


Dave King said...

A staggering set. I think I would pick out the first because I liked the echo effect of the two waterfalls, but before I'd got my breath back from that you hit me with number 4. This struck me as quite unusual. And then there was number 6 and....! Amazing.

Carl said...

Thank you Dave! This location is quite amazing. I can't wait to explore there again. It certainly challenges Watkins Glen for top of my list. It felt great to be out hiking and water falling. I have not had a chance to do it at all this summer.

Victoria Fatum said...

Wow, Carl, your Rickett's photos are beautiful! When I was there I got through 1/2 of the trail, then had to move on since I was enroute to Philly that night. So much so see and shoot there! I'd love to go back and finish it off!

Carl said...

Vicki- it is an Awesome hike and place to shoot. Thanks for suggesting.