Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Goosepond Mountain - Butterflies

Chased these butterflies around a meadow for a while tonight. Great way to spend your time!!

Keep Makin' Art


Dave King said...

Two absolute gems. Well done.

Carl said...

Thanks Dave - I had a lot of fun playing hide and seek with the butterflies last night. I totally felt like a kid!


Karen Martin Sampson said...

I love living out on Vancouver Island where we have eagles, bear, elk, Orcas, mountain lions, mink, otters,
god, an endless parade of nature...but I DO miss Monarch butterflies! We have beautiful Swallowtails though. I once drove through a rising cloud of migrating Monarchs down in N. Mexico (back in the early 70's, on Rt. 66!) which had been resting in the desert...millions. I have never seen anything like it since.

Carl said...

Hi Karen - yep the Monarchs are something... but from the sounds of it... I'd have a great time photographing Vancouver Island.