Saturday, August 14, 2010

Black and White Iris

Iris - Skylands - June 2010

My plans for today have changed. It looks like I will get to Skylands and Ringwood for a little while with my camera. I will post the results on Sunday.

Keep Makin' Art


Elisabeth said...

Beautiful, Carl, the purity of it all, an iris in black and white. Normally I'd expect some kind of purple or lilac. The raindrops add to the effect. Thanks

Carl said...

Hi Elisabeth - Yeah this was shot in color and was a nice simple white flower with yellow inside against a blurred green background. It was simple and pretty in color, but I think it is much more powerful like this.

Since I have been shooting a lot of Infrared Black and White lately my eye for B&W is coming back. I find myself reviewing some of my older color stuff looking for images to make B&W.