Sunday, June 15, 2014

The adventures of Artistic Balance

Close to Home exhibit at Piermont Flywheel

So where did I leave off with the adventures of Artistic Balance.  Oh yeah... I remember.  I started this blog for two reasons.  the first was to show off the work I was doing.  The second was to have a place to talk about the work life balance of an artist with a full time corporate job.  In the 6 or so years I have had this blog I have grown in so many ways as an artist and a person.  I'm now convinced growing up is a process we do our entire lives.  I have had much success in these six years and have found the biggest struggle has been having enough time and energy to do everything I want to do and do it well.  I finally came to the decision this year, with my lovely Wenderina's help to pursue my art full time!  I am cutting back at my job to a per diem roll of two days a week.  That helps us pay the bills but gives me time to purse Artistic Balance as a business.  June 1st is when this took effect.  Since June 1st I have had a booth at a street fair, taught a nature photography workshop (with the excellent photographer and teacher Mike Malandra), opened my third solo show at the Piermont Flywheel Gallery. and signed the lease on an 800 ft studio  / gallery space I am opening this summer with Mike Malandra and the very talented photographer Julie Scholz.  The solo show is called close to home.  I have posted about that in recent posts.  The Studio / Gallery (we really need to figure out a name) will be a work space during the week where we can work, do shoots, teach classes and workshops and on weekends be converted to a gallery.  It is a very exciting time for me.  I will continue to use this blog for my photos as well as weekly updates about the things I learn about starting my own small art business for those that care about such things or are considering taking the same giant leap of faith I am taking.  I could not do this with out my amazing wife Wendy, our loving and supportive parents and our friends who are encouraging me on.  I am really excited to be starting the gallery with Mike and Julie.  They are both incredible artists but also and more importantly great people.  Wish me luck on this new, crazy adventure I am on!

Keep Makin' Art!

P.S. Thinking of my friend Dave King today.  He would have been cheering wildly and sending all sorts of greetings from England in that wonderful understated way he had.  I miss exchanging comments with you daily sir.



JeannetteLS said...

I miss seeing his comments in here, too, Carl. Indeed he WOULD have been cheering wildly--I love that. In his understated way, cheering wildly. MIss his poetry, too. Just know that others are cheering, even if they don't write in your comments. See, Carl, perhaps you may not realize that you inspire others to go out and do their own "Keep makin art" thing.

YAY. WOOOOOOOHOOOOO. Party hats. Noisemakers. You go.

Carl said...

Thanks Jeannette - I wake each day thankful for everyone's support. Most importantly Wendy's! I could not have gone on this crazy adventure with each and everyone of you cheering me on.


Carl said...
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