Sunday, April 01, 2012

Spring is here... almost.

Well even though we did not have much of a winter to speak of I have been looking forward to spring!  The blooming flowers and greenery everywhere always inspire me to paint and take photos.  Today I found the Sargent's Cherry were in bloom up at the Skylands Botanical Garden.  This will be the start of the time of year when I stop in to the gardens weekly to watch the progress and anxiously await the return of the wildflowers and butterflies in mid-summer.

I hope the start of spring is finding you renewed and inspired!

Keep Makin' Art!



Linda said...

Gorgeous images Carl..Happy Spring to you! You have excellent focus the soft colors!

Dave King said...

These are truly beautiful... alas, I hear that spring is slipping away again!

Rie said...

Ohhh.....Pretty.....Yeah for Spring.

Carl said...

Linda - Thank You! I have about a week each year where the yellow flowers bloom and make such a nice soft background for the cherry blossoms.

Dave - Yes. The cycle marches on always.

Rie - Thanks Cuz!