Sunday, September 04, 2011

Quick Sketch - Nobska Light - Cape Cod

This is a quick compositional sketch that led to the painting I posted on 8/30.  I like them both for different reasons.  Tomorrow I will post another watercolor I have been working on from our Cape Cod trip last week.  I also will have some amazing photos to share with you all.

Keep Makin' Art!


Dave King said...

Somehow I missed the first posting. I agree with you, though: the first, I think has more power; this one has greater subtlety, but I would have either on my wall. They both have that indefinable something that lifts a painting into another realm.

Carl said...

Hi Dave. First of all thank you for the compliment! I needed to make the more subtle one so I could have a roadmap for the powerful one. Once I had the idea for the powerful one I had to commit to it and just go for it. I figured out the mechanics of it and just went to work. I'll be working on some new stuff today.... in the meantime I will post a few of the photos I took last week. Some of them are really quite good.