Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anthony's Nose and Bear Mountain Bridge on a rainy fall morning.

I found a great vantage point at geology point in the Trailside Zoo at Bear Mountain.  This was taken on a rainy morning here in the Hudson Valley.  The good folks at the zoo let me in early to get the shot before i headed to work.  I would like to try again on a clear day when the sun is coming up on the eastern side of the river with some nice color in the sky.  Finding the location is about one third of the battle.... next comes getting good exposures and compositions then finally it is editing the image to get the most out of it with cropping and color correcting.  Expect to see this scene a few more times before i think i have it just right.

Keep Makin' Art!


JeannetteLS said...

It will be fun to see each version, as you work on it, Carl.

Pat said...


Carl said...

Jeannette - Yep. I can already see what I want. I really like the composition it will be just getting the lighting to work with me a little.

Mom - Thanks. It was totally worth going out and getting a little wet.

Dave King said...

Wow, this is a real magnum opus! Congrats.

Carl said...

Thanks Dave - I have a few more versions to go before I fully realize what I want the shot to be, but I am pretty darned happy with this one.