Friday, June 11, 2010

Some Images from my sketchbook

Here are some sketches from my sketchbook. Some of these you have seen as finished versions others I only have sketches. I like the freedom I have in my sketchbooks. I thought you would enjoy seeing them. My approach to sketches is fast and loose. I'd like to get a little more of this quality in my finished watercolors.

Keep Makin' Art

PS - I'll be offline this weekend. Everyone enjoy your weekend and I'll have some new photos next week.



Elisabeth said...

I agree with you, Carl. These water colours from your sketch book seem loose and carefree in the best of ways. They are lovely.

Carl said...

Hi Elisabeth - Yes when you never plan for sketches to be more than a sense of feeling and color scheme for a final painting you really get freed up.


Dave King said...

It stands out mile that you enjoy the freedom. they are brilliant. They're fun, they're fresh, they sizzle. My favourites are the first three in ascending order, but they are all gorgeous.

Carl said...


Thanks so much! I am glad you enjoyed them.

pilgrimchick said...

Great stuff--what's interesting to me is how you attack an art project here. You clearly start with something like this and then, create something more detailed. Others would just snap a photograph. These are great!

Carl said...

Hi Pilgrimchick
I work from photos plenty too, but nothing beats sketches for what is going to be at the heart of a painting.

Anonymous said...