Monday, June 28, 2010

Little Man A

Little Man A - Waitin for the train. Photo by Robbie Sypnier

My Brother-in-Law, Robbie ( and favorite photo excursion buddy) took this awesome shot of my great-nephew 'Little Man A'. The shot looked great in color full of warm tones and shadows.

Wenderina then entered the room and said "Hey wouldn't that be cool if 'Little Man' was in color and the rest of the shot was black & White...." Well I was giving Robbie photoshop lessons anyway so we set to work. A little while later we had this great image.

Keep Makin' Art

PS - Robbie thanks for letting me post the results of our efforts on my blog!


Dave King said...

Great - really great.

Carl said...

Thanks Dave the image was fun to work on. Robbie made a great capture to start with and it just went from there.