Sunday, July 26, 2009

yucky morning... but some interesting photos.

At first light this morning as I packed my gear in my car and headed out for a few hours of wandering the woods with my camera I thought I was in luck. We had thunderstorms last night and it was damp and cool, but warming up. I thought I was heading out for some foggy shots in the meadows. It was not to be though... It went straight to a yucky rain almost immediately. I was up and in my car on the one day this week I have for photography so even though my warm bed was calling me back I headed out. I went to an area I had shot before a while ago and found this great purple flower next to the lake. Next I found some wildflowers and some blades of grass with the rain still on them. Contented that I had gotten a few good shots and would call the morning a successful failure (really though what morning spent out in nature is a failure right?). I was rewarded for my efforts when I wandered across this young buck eating his breakfast. He let me get closer than I thought. I would move up and then he would move back. Happily he did not bolt and gave me time to try to find an angle I liked. Just when I thought I had lost him he popped his head up out of a bush and looked straight at me.

Yet another Sunday morning where I am glad I did not sleep in and let this opportunity pass me by! That is now that my feet are dry and I have a cup of coffee!

Keep Makin' Art


Pat said...

Definitely not a wasted morning. I love your photos, especially the deer.

Kate Hanley said...

I second that. Not a wasted moment at all. My favorite is the blade of grass with rain clinging to it.

Carl said...

Thanks. I am happy I got out and shot. I never pass up a Sunday morning if I can help it.


Dave King said...

If only I could keep making it the way you do...!

Carl said...

Thanks Dave-

I get so much inspiration from every one of your posts. You are one of the folks that keeps me doing this.