Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sunday - July 5th

Wow. I have posted so little for the last few weeks. Sorry if I have not been around to comment on your fabulous blogs. I have been trying to read them when I can. Two major projects have collided at work... One ran long because of a change in the scope of the project and the other is immovable on its deadlines. My whole team has pitched in and work hard. We have put in tins of hours. I expect more of the same all summer. Maybe a few less hours (I hope).
I did have this weekend off and it has been awesome so far. We had time to fix a few things that have been neglected around the house and went to a great bbq yesterday at our dear friends Terry and Dave's house. Thanks for the good food and company guys!
Today we are finally getting a chance to have Father's day with my dad and are meeting my folks for lunch. After that there is another small plumbing repair project.... and then hopefully a little time in the studio to create. I have been working on the photo books a lot of the time (2 down 3 to go) but feel I have been neglecting the painting side of my art... So that will be my afternoon even if I just play and don't make a finished painting. Just for kicks I may pick a subject and paint with just a palette knife. If I get anything good I'll post it here.
I hope everyone had a great 4th of July (or Canada Day depending on where you are)

Keep Makin' Art!

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