Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indian Brook - Revisited

I had a good morning. I went back to one of my favorite spots to photograph.... Indian Brook Falls in Garrison, NY. I went with my friend, photographer Mike Malandra. It was fun to have company on one of my early morning sojourns to the woods. I enjoyed talking photography with Mike and showing him a great location to shoot. Next time it is his turn to pick a location I have not photographed yet.
Now it is into the studio for a few hours. I have the itch to paint something.
Keep Makin' Art!


Kate Hanley said...

Love the photos. They always make me miss upstate New York. I feel I've been to Indian Brook though, I'm going to go look it up to see if I have.

Dave King said...

I can quite see why it is one of your favourite locations. It seems to have everything - as do your photographs. What a lovely start to a day!

Carl said...

Kate - By now you have virtually by there from the number of times I have posted this waterfall in one season or another.

Dave - Thanks as always for the kind remark.

disa said...