Sunday, January 04, 2009

Sunday Drawing

Hello Fellow Artists-
I gave in to the warm toasty bed and watching Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood. After all I had trudged out in the cold yesterday for the photos at Reeve's Brook. So I was not feeling particularly guilty until this afternoon. Still wanting to remain warm and not go outside again. I opted for something different. I decided to do a pencil drawing of the tufted titmouse I had photographed the day after Christmas. Any of you who frequent my blog know I don't post many (maybe any) pencil drawings. Today I felt like working in pencil. It is part of my resolution to draw more this year to do more drawing. I am looking into a weekly figure drawing class down at Hopper House... I'll keep you posted when I get to that. For now though here is the drawing I worked on this afternoon.

I stopped while it still sort of looked like the wonderful bird I had photographed. I might even try a watercolor of him one of these days.

Keep Makin' Art



Jo said...

Oh, that's wonderful...! I have promised myself to do more drawing this year too, but somehow I have not been inspired to do anything. Winter blahs, I suppose. :-)

deola said...

I can't really draw. you really want me to learn now. nice drawing

Jo said...

Carl, I found a blog you might like, with several links to other art blogs. Check it out:

Leon Basin said...

Hey, how are you? Great post.

Carl said...

JO- Get out there and draw! Don't forget to show it to all of us.

Deola- Thanks. It just takes practice. Give it a try!

JO2- Thanks Great site. I Love the paintings.

Leon- I am well. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!