Friday, January 23, 2009

More Images From the Palace of Fine Arts

I have been fascinated with the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco for years and have photographed it on several occasions. I have shot it in color and black and white, film and digital, 35mm and medium format. I am always drawn to have it looks so different at different times of day. My favorite time of day is just after sunrise. The morning sun makes the already warm toned stone just glow like it is on fire and it is set off against a dark blue sky. It is mesmerizing. Today's shots are details of some of the columns. I was playing with the designs made in the positive and negative spaces by the sun and shadows when I shot close ups. These are two of my favorites... What do you think.


Janice Thomson said...

Gosh the shadows and lighting are super in these. I particularly like that first one. What beautiful columns.

Carl said...

I know. I plan a visit to the Palace of Fine Arts everytime I visit San Francisco. I have been there 4 or 5 times now and always presens some new and interesting view to photograph based on the light and the time of day.