Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Members of our Household

The population of our household has just doubled with the addition of two new cats Yasmine a one and a half year old black cat and Penny a twelve week old tabby (Formerly Daffney.. She moved in and promptly changed her name... Free Spirit I guess). As you can See from the above photo Penny figured out who is in charge and set out to ass kissing right away.
We welcome them both to our home and expect them to get jobs and contribute to the household immediately.
Next post back to our regular artistic programming.


Pat said...

To paraphrase: Happiness is a warm kitty. I hope your household enjoys much happiness.

Ann said...

What beautiful cats! I think that cats are great for entertainment value. Our cat (he's 1 1/2 yr old orange & white) is generally fun to watch. Today my mom was over helping me pack - the second we got a box made, the cat was in it. Then he jumped into the china hutch she had just opened to start packing (that could have been tragic!) We had to make up a box just for him, to keep him out of our hair! (I thought about packing him up and shipping him!!)

A's Mom said...

They are both too cute!