Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lake Kanawauke - Foggy Morning

Hello Fellow Painters,

This post will be part of a series as I show my process for doing a watercolor painting. The photo on left in this picture is of a small island in Lake Kanawauke, in Harriman State Park near my home. The first thing I did was to crop an image I wanted to paint in Photoshop so that it scaled to the final painting. In this case both are 8x10. I then did a loose sketch on the watercolor paper and penciled in (lightly) grid lines to keep my drawing close. The painting you see on right is the first layer. The sky is a graduated wash of ultramarine blue fading down to the horizon. The water with reflected sky is the same blue with a little burnt sienna to darken and tone down the blue. I applied the wash very wet and runny and moved the paper around quite a bit to smooth out the transitions. Were the fog has a defined edge in the sky and horizon I lightly blotted with facial tissue. Tomorrow I will work on the mountains and reflections. I will take a photo of my progress for my next post.

Happy Painting,

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