Sunday, March 09, 2008

About the picture of the week

this weeks photo of the week deserved a little more information.

TIP: When photographing simple elements in water, like a single rock walk around your subject as much as possible. look for the angle that can give you a solid or interesting background to make your subject stand out. In this case I used the reflected trees in a time exposure to give the reflection a smooth green color. It really adds interest and makes the rock standout. Sometimes you need to note what time of day would work best. Keep a notebook with you on your rambles and photo jaunts and make notes of times when direction and color of light will make for the best photo. Don't be afraid to return to the same location multiple times. I have 5 or 6 spots that I know at the right time of day and time of year will yield new and beautiful results. having said that don't be afraid to explore new locations and keep looking at the work of other photographers in your area. Don't copy them, but feel free to be inspired by the beauty of their work and even interpret common locations with your eye. before you know you'll have your own look and style reflected in your photos of the region in which you shoot!

Whether you shoot film or digital .... Spring is fast approaching. do some planning and then get out there and shoot. Comment and tell me what works for you.

If you are uninspired and need to boost your energy to get out there take a workshop!

Happy Shooting!

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