Sunday, January 20, 2008


I love my sketchbooks! I use Canson watercolor sketchbooks w 140lb coldpress paper. It is close enough to the Arches block paper I use for my finished work. I keep several. One is full of my favorite Cape Cod scenery and has inspired several finished works. I have one for general painting ideas and one for drawings and value sketches.
This little sketch is of a house on Whig Street in Dennis Ma. I have this and a photo and will work on a finished painting for the next couple of weeks.
Speaking of Cape Cod.. After seven years of visiting the same house in Dennis on the Cape we will head to a new bigger location in Sandwich this year. I am excited about the change of scene, but also a bit nervous. I know the area around the old place so well and the light there in late August, but it is time to stretch and try new things again.
Keep painting!

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