Wednesday, January 02, 2008

No Turner, but it is a start

Hello Painters:

It is not a Turner... but I am happy with this little painting I did of a pear. I will probably take one more pass at the shadow side to give it a little more depth. I'll post it again in the next few days. This humble little painting is important. It got me brain connected to paints and a brush again. I had not painted anything since August (Way too long) and the excuses to not paint were becoming way to easy to say.

This little painting helped me get over the fears (or whatever they are) that sometimes keep me from the studio. I have found that when long stretches of not painting lead to even longer stretches of not painting. I keep having to relearn this lesson.

It is so easy to forget how restorative half an hour in the studio can be. I am happy for this little painting and also for the 2 hours it took me to clean the studio enough to find my drafting table. I'll post the finished painting later this week.

Keep Painting,

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