Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Inspiration to Paint

Hello Fellow Artists:

OK. I am on my way into the studio to paint. What am I painting you ask? I am not sure yet, but I was inspired the other day. I went to the National Gallery of Art and saw the Turner exhibit. First of all catch it before it closes this month if you have the chance. I was inspired by the draftsmanship and rendering of detail in the early work and the explorations of color in his later years. Turner took landscape painting and elevated it to a grand form. His influence on the Hudson River School painters is undeniable. Enjoy this painting of the Grand Canal in Venice by Turner while I go find the bottom of my drafting table and start to paint.

Lesson for today... When you need inspiration to spark your own work. Go to a museum and look at art created by others. It never fails to get me ready to start painting after some time away from the brushes.

Happy Painting


Wenderina said...

Just imagine how inspired you would be if we'd spent more than 45 minutes rushing through the gallery.

Bridget said...

LoL wenderina

Seems natural for the artist to rush through the museum....wanting to get home to paint!