Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Nice drawing of a pear right?

Here's the kicker.  I never picked up a pencil to do this.  I drew it on my IPad with a drawing application I downloaded.  Very cool!  I can sketch and anywhere I want now every pencil, brush eraser and smugger is right there in my IPad.

Keep Makin Art!  (old school or new school... just keep makin' art!)



Rie said...

Neat!!!!!! Can you print things up when you're finished? (please forgive you technologically challenge cousin if this is a dumb question teehee) Don't ask me why but for some reason I thought "retro" when I saw it. xoxox

Carl said...

Hi Cuz

Yes I can print it from my Mac. I have not checked how big I can make it yet. I can also paint with the same app.

Dave King said...

I have not yet invested in an iPad, but have been sorely tempted to do so since seeing what David Hockney has done with his. This seems to confirm it. Very impressive. I must try to track down some more info' on using them in this way.

Carl said...

Hi Dave - This was done with an app called my brushes. It can do any combination of brushes and pencils. I am working on some paintings now that I'll post this weekend as well.

JeannetteLS said...


Okay, so is there any digital device that you cannot make into your own medium?

Truly unfair, that much ability combined with your eye.

Yeah. It's one nice drawing of a pear. It's time for me to go pout now.