Tuesday, February 08, 2011

book idea....

I am not a writer. I prefer to express myself in images rather than words, but a concept hit me last night and I had to write the first paragraph...... Where will this take me? I don't know maybe I will post 'God's Dilemma a Comedy' (working title) one chapter at a time here on this blog or on a seperate blog about the book project.

How should I go about this? What do you think? Anyway it is my idea so I think I will play this out and see where it takes me.

God's Dilemma a Comedy - copyright 2011.

God sat in a Los Angeles hotel room sipping a diet Coke from the minibar. He had a big problem...

God had gone off to sort out what to do about mankind while the plague ravaged Europe eight hundred years ago. He had known for some time that mankind was becoming too technologically advanced and this would quickly lead to trouble. He had no idea it would happen so fast. The idea of free will and and moderate intellect in human beings seemed like such a nifty idea when he created human beings.... It was part of the whole 'in our image' campaign of the times. He had spent the last three weeks getting up to speed on the last eight hundred years. He was amazed at what a teenager with an Ipad could do. He really did marvel at his creation sometimes, but they were also horribly flawed and cruel. It was time for a mid course correction. Should God simply wipe the slate clean again and call earth 1.o anexperiment and use what he learned this time or should he help this race of people to figure out how to fix it for themselves?

He had opted for the later and would right a new book. A 'New' new book actually. this lead to all sorts of questions about how to deliver the content... Could God write a blog? Anybody could do that. Who would believe him? Should he self publish a book? Did he need an agent? Should he make his presence known... That would open the whole can of worms on faith.... Where to start. It was all too much. For now he would work on his tan for a few days and come up with a plan.

Keep Makin' Art


JeannetteLS said...

This made me laugh and I think that is a good start! If you feel confident that people will be constructive and not offer "advice" about where you should go with this or what you SHOULD or SHOULD not do. Sometimes the moment one announces something is a book, people are looking to correct--with wonderful intentions, but too soon in a project and it can make one run and hide.

You might just put the story out here as you are inspired and let us react or respond, without worrying whether it is a book, a long short story, a novelette, or just something you feel like writing.

What you do with it will present itself along the way, and the main thing, it seems to me, is that you are inspired to write and play with the words and go on a trip with God and his tan and his iPad. God's iPad would indeed be something to read! You could simply start a blog and write God in the first person if you wanted.

I think it is a marvelous idea and, Carl, for the record? If you write, you are a writer. Period. Jo isn't a "writer" either. BUNK.

Cool. My vote is play with it to your heart's content and share, copyrighted as you have made it, whatever you want to share, when you want to share it.

Pat said...

I would read it. Good start!

Wenderina said...

Religion and technology? All the freaks will come out to comment. If you're ready for that, go for it. Although I liked your idea about the Hudson Valley pirate booty better.

Dave King said...

I've just been commenting on the web's synchronicity and here we go again! I've been working on much this sort of angle recently - starting off with my "Creation : Phase II" at the end of January. This is an interesting departure for you. Certainly, you ought to follow it for a bit. See where it leads. (maybe include some images at some point?)

Carl said...

Jeannette - thanks for the advice and the encouragement. I am not sure yet what raod this project will take, but I am excited to write and see where it goes. How much of it I share really does depend on how much advice I want and also what Wenderina said about how much I want stir the hornets nest on the web by writing about God. All things to think about.

Pat (MOM) thanks! You'll be getting bits and pieces as soon I write them.

Wenderina - Thanks valid point. I have not forgotten about the other idea. it is still hanging out there.

Dave - yes a very interesting departure. It is something I think about often. I am very interested in religions of all kinds, but I never thought i would write about. Your idea about images on this theme blew me away. I never ever thought about that... but it is a great idea. Thank You.

Carl said...
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Carl said...

Thanks Adrian