Monday, September 06, 2010

Next Watercolor

original photo

first wash

After a disaster (after a very promising start) to a painting of Coast Guard Beach yesterday... I decided to get back on the horse today. I will re-think Coast Guard Beach for another time... Maybe even drop in on my old painting class for advice...
But for today I started 'Sailboat Sunrise on Sesuit' (Say that three times fast!) The first wash is a loose mix of pinks and purples and oranges done went into wet. I plan to sneak up on this one with glazes of the same colors put down over a few days. following that if all goes well the sailboat and the shore will go down in one loose dark wash. Look for the second and third washes on Tuesday night. I have not painted this style (ala Catherine Anderson) in a while but think the many layers of transparent glazes technique will really make this subject sparkle when it is done.

Keep Makin Art!

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