Sunday, March 28, 2010

Portraits of my Great Nephews

Wenderina worked down in the Washington DC area this week..... this gave us an excuse to visit our Niece and her family in Virginia. Always one of our favorite places to hang out for family time. I headed down on Friday afternoon and packed some of my photo gear so i could have a quick portrait session with to of my favorite subjects... Little Man A and BBZ.

How cute are these two guys together!

BBZ showed great patience and smiled the whole time as we did a series of solo shots.

I can not believe how fast Little Man A is growing. Everytime we see him he is bigger!

Another visit that went by way too fast! Hopefully we'll get down to visit again in a few months. This visit was well worth putting off working on paintings for a few days. There will be more shots later this week of Little Man A at the park.

Keep Makin' Art


Pat said...

Those are really cute kids!!

Dave King said...

Superb, you must be very proud! Enjoy.

Carl said...

Hi- Thanks. They are so cute I just have to show up with the camera.