Monday, August 18, 2008

Goodbye Old Friend

About a month ago we had to say goodbye to an old friend, our cat Dexter. He was with us for 17 years. Admittedly dexter had social issues and did not accept (OK read that as went ballistic with strangers) many people besides my wife and I. Very few made it into Dexter's inner circle. However he loved us unconditionally. We could count on him to be waiting for us at the door at the end of the day. During the evening TV or reading hours he would settle on my lap and pur. When we slept he spent most of night curled up on my wife. She complained that he slept like a lead weight. It is funny we miss everything now even the things that annoyed us all the time.

You were a good cat Dexter. We miss you everyday!


Wenderina said...

Hated: stench of cat food and litter; cleaning up hairballs and other messes; dealing with Dex when ANYONE came to visit; that he got into anything and everything - bags, papers, photos, laptops.

Loved: Being met at the door every night; the rapid purring when he'd curl up on our laps; seeing him perched on the tub corner for every shower; playing fetch with a foil ball; boxing matches with his clawless paws; his in-your-face approach when we were eating ice cream, roast beef, or anything of culinary interest.

Miss: All of the above.

Janice Thomson said...

My condolences to you both - pets really are a part of the family even if we grumble now and then and are sorely missed when gone especially when they have a decidedly unique character as your Dex seemed to have.

nan said...

Ditto on condolences to you and your wife. It took a long time of mourning our Zoe, with us for 13 years, before I could just remember her with a simple and happy feeling. We now have Mars and Natalie who wake us at 4:30 a.m. with wet noses and annoying kneading. Perhaps at some point you'll be ready to bring a new feline (or two) into your home again.

Kirsten said...

A heartfelt tribute to a dear soul.

In Dexter's circle Rob and I always counted ourselves lucky to be among the few, the proud, THE TOLERATED!

He was a good cat - a real one of a kind. What else could one expect of a cat with the alias: "Conan, Bringer of Death?"

I know he's at the rainbow bridge with my cat Cheech (RIP 8/2/08) takin' names, doin' cosmic catnip.

Love you guys -
Kir & Rob

Carl said...

Friends - Thanks so much for your kind words.

Kir - Yep you and Rob were on Dex's buddy list! Thanks!


Mama Lou said...

Add me to the buddy list, too. For some reason he accepted me as well and even on the last couple of visits shared my lap. He was unique for sure but he always gave us something to talk about!!
My eyes are misty as I think of him,