Monday, January 07, 2008

Still life with Crock.

I did not paint this weekend. The boiler quit at home and there went my Sunday morning paint time...

Oh well. It happens right. This still life is painting I did last year. It is 8x10" and I am pretty happy with it. I feel it got a little overworked and I lost the shape of the top of the crock. On the other hand I think I really nailed the apple and the painting has a nice feeling of depth. I think I will make a project of trying this one more time. I will post my progress as I work on this new painting. Wish me luck. How about you? Do you wind up doing the same painting several time until you are happy? Do you visit subjects you like and have painted before just because you like them. As I have mentioned before I am a sucker for lighthouses and have painted most of the lighthouses from Cape Cod several times.

Happy Painting!


Jo said...

Omigosh, you are good....! I like to paint as well, but I never have much time. I have a few of my little doodles on my blog. I did a bowl of oranges recently, and I did a post about it.


Jo said...

Here are a couple of links, if you want to see my little doodles:

hophead said...

Maybe set up a show at Whitney Center. We have some world class critics. Your work is amazing.

Carl said...

Hophead- Thanks for stopping by. You must have read quite a ways into the blog to find a piece from January! Thanks as always for the interest. The show idea sounds good. I'll discuss with you over a Simcoe Double IPA at the Rail.