Sunday, February 02, 2014

Pete Seeger Tribute

It was proposed this week that the New Tappan Zee Bridge be named in honor of Pete Seeger.  I think the even bigger tribute to Pete is already in place and has been for a while.  Pete was a champion of the Hudson River and his work on the Clearwater set in motion the gradual cleaning of the river.  The tribute is the return of the Bald Eagle to the banks of the river.  Growing up I could only see this majestic bird in a zoo, but was told at one time they could be seen along the river all winter long.  Yesterday I drove to Haverstraw Bay Park, which is about 10 minutes from my house.  There were three bald eagles sitting in a tree.  The one pictured here took off north and across the river towards Beacon as if to pay his respects to Pete.  I was able to snap off a few shots as the eagle finished his trip and headed back to his perch along the river.  The river is clean enough to support the eagles again because of Petes work and the people he inspired to take action.  So if you see an eagle along the Hudson (and they are not hard to find now) Say a little word of thanks to Pete.

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