Monday, September 09, 2013

The View From my Handlebars

I  am loving the views I am seeing from my bike.  This shot was on the Heritage Rail trail outside of Chester, NY.

Selfie of me on my bike near an old rail car used to store produce from local farms until trucks come to take it to market.

I wanted to give a quick update on my balance project.  I was back at work this week so it was the first test of whether or not I could balance the riding into my schedule or not.  I did great!  Rode 75 miles this week.  I keep the bike on the bike rack and kept riding gear ready to go.  This allowed me to ride the rail trail after work.  Hopefully I can keep doing this.  I love the way the riding makes my whole outlook better.

Keep Maikn' Art!


Dave King said...

Just keep the posts a'coming. They're ALL great!

Carl said...

Thank You Dave! I just realized I have ridden 285 miles in the last three weeks. Next couple weeks will be tricky. Hopefully I can keep putting miles on.