Saturday, July 06, 2013

Journeys Update No. 2

Hello friends!

The days are falling off the calendar.  My solo photography show 'Journeys' will be here before I know it.  All of the B&W prints arrived along with 9 20x40 inch canvas prints in float frames that look just stunning!  Postcards are ordered.  The big metal prints should be here this week.  I'll be hanging the show before I know it.  I feel really great about the work I have produced this year and can't really believe how much great stuff I was able to shoot this year.  It has been a crazy, busy year and at first I did not feel like I had photographed that much, but when I sat down to select images for the show I was blown away by how much great stuff I had to choose from. 

I hope you all can stop in to see the show at the Flywheel Gallery in Piermont NY.  The show runs from July 18th to August 4th.

Gallery Hours:

Thursday 1-6pm
Friday 1-9pm
Saturday 1-9pm
Sunday 1-6pm

I will be at the gallery Friday nights and all day Saturday and Sunday for the length of the show.  

Keep Makin' Art!


Dave King said...

Go slay 'em Carl! (I know you will.)

Rie said...

Can't wait to see it all. LOVE the postcard. Still have last year's up on the refrigerator. Hey, I can start an Artistic Balance collection!.

Carl said...

Thank You Dave!!!

Carl said...

Rie you can but the set is not complete without the rare 2007 Suffern library postcard and the one from fresh paint gallery. I don't think even I have those!

Rie said...

I think I do remember receiving the 2007 one. If I am not mistaken I think that is the one I took out of the mailbox, saw the pictures and thought they were beautiful without reading the card. Then I realized that my little cousin took the photos and was VERY impressed. I think I called you that day but we couldn't talk long becasue you were exciting guests back at the house. This is how I justifiy that I am not just a proud cousin. I didn't know anything about the artist on that card but Iknew he/she had talent.

Rie said...

PS....So I can add to my collection, have more shows!!!