Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Halfway Point

So here we are at the halfway point of my solo show!  The opening last Saturday was a HUGE success!  we had many people come see my work and the visitors said such nice things about my photographs.  I had my family there which made the day even better and then some of my closest friends flew in from other parts of the country to surprise me and support me.  I really do have the most wonderful collection of people in my life.  On Thursday I had a mini-workshop on portraiture and turned the gallery into a portrait studio for the evening (my new head shot posted here is a result of that!).  The workshop drew in many passersby from the street.  Next Thursday I will be doing another mini-workshop talking about the three tools that can make your nature photos dramatically better!  There is a lot of interest in that one and I hope to get some good turnout for that.  I am not measuring the success of this show on sales numbers, but I do live in the real world and have to be able to afford my gallery membership and everything that goes into staging a solo show like this including all the printing and framing etc.  Even on that front the indicators are all good.  I have to date sold 19 pieces in the show of various sizes.  the prints I had done on aluminum have done very well and people are really excited about their detail and rich colors.  In the future I will print those even bigger.  I want to thank my family and my friends (old and new) for the love and support that has made this experience one of the most enjoyable of my life... and the show is only halfway over!

Keep Makin' Art!


Dave King said...

So good to hear that your show was/is such a smash hit. I've enjoyed catching up on all the posts I have missed and the impressioned gained is that it is no less amazing than I would have expected. The family support, though, I understand, would have put all else in the shade. Bravo to you and bravo to your family.

Forgive me that I have not left a comment at each post, but I have a massive catching-up exercise ahead of me!

Carl said...

Thank You Dave! This has been an incredible experience. One more week to go.