Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pete Seeger - Bearsville Theater - 3/17/12

Last night I had the privilege of seeing Pete and Peggy Seeger in Woodstock, NY.  Pete is a living legend.  As a folk singer and activist based here in the Hudson Valley I have always admired him.  I had a chance to see him on the environmental sloop Clearwater when I was about 12 and have never forgotten it.  The concert was a wonderful event filled with old folk songs and stories.

I hope that when I am 92 I am still getting out there with my camera the way Pete does with his banjo!

Thanks to my friend Nigel for making the trip to Woodstock with me!  I had a great time.

 Pete and Peggy play a tune.

 I love this shot.  The legend quietly watching his baby sister sing.

Master story teller. 

My wish for you all... That you are healthy and have this kind of joy at 92 years old.

Keep Makin' Art!


Rie said...

Glad you had an enjoyable evening after the wonderful day you had at Ringwood. Like you said, politics aside, God Bless an 92 year old who can do what he does. Does this rehab nurse's hear proud...

Carl said...

Thanks Rie it was a great day all around.

Dave King said...

Your fervent wish is echoed here, though for me, I doubt it. Great post.

Carl said...

Dave - I hope to be reading new poems from you for many years to come.

Linda said...

Hi Carl, You have some superb Medieval images...the lighting is beautiful and I can every little detail...very dynamic work! Excellent pics of Pete Seeger, what a legend..such joy captured on his face...have a wonderful week! I invite you to my new blog..thanks, Linda :)

Carl said...

Hi Linda
Thanks. The cloisters does a very nice job setting the stage with their ligting. You dont really notice the source when you are there, but it really adds to the drama and the depth of the space.

The Pete Seeger photos were more luck than anything. I had my point and shoot with me and the theater was really small so I was able to get some good shots.

I'll wander over to your new blog tonight.