Saturday, January 28, 2012

Orchid Watercolor

Orchid 5x7" on 140 lb hot press paper

 Orchid Watercolor... My first attempt since some great paintings on the Cape this summer.  I love the colors and am glad I stopped before it got muddy.  I am definitely inspired enough to get back into the studio and paint again tomorrow...

Wendy Was right there was a studio under all that mess!

Keep Makin' Art!


Dave King said...

Fabulous. Orchid, and almost an abstract. I can't see how you could not be inspired!
Wonderful image.

Carl said...

Hi Dave - Thanks. I love the colors, but think I'll take another pass at getting the shape just right. That will wait though. I have a few others to try first.

JeannetteLS said...

The colors! Oh the colors, Carl!