Sunday, January 15, 2012

Grand Central Terminal - NYC

I had the opportunity to get a permit to photograph inside of Grand Central Terminal in NYC this morning.  Sunday morning from 9-11 is a perfect time... Not many people so it is not crowded, but enough to show off the scale of this wonderful building.  I will definitely be going back to do this again.

Keep Makin' Art!


Rie said...

Great photos lil' cuz. Maybe I can tag along next time. xoox Rie

Carl said...

That would be great Rie!

Patty Kay Mooney said...

Great photos, Carl.
A heads up - I have bestowed the 7x7 Link Award upon you. For further details go to my post today at the Lamp Hat Collection.

Dave King said...

Wow! These really are images to die for! Splendid stuff.

Carl said...

Patty - Many thanks! I'll be by to pick up the award shortly.

Dave - Thanks! I am really pleased with how these came out.