Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cape Cod - A Preview

We leave for our annual end of summer trip to Cape Cod (10 years in a row and counting) in a few weeks.  To get myself ready and try to figure out what I wanted to photograph on this years trip I looked at last summers images.  They did the trick and got me all set to be on the Cape.  I can't wait.  Not sure what my focus will be this year... in the meantime I will just enjoy last years photos and count the days.

Keep Makin' Art!


Rie said...

I can see why this gets you excited for your vacation. Lovely shots, all of them. The last one with the sand is interesting. How did the marks appear?? Did the tide bring in something with it?? The sunset pictures are beautiful and are getting me ready for our vacation in October, to guess where?? (teehee). As always Little Cuz....just great.

Carl said...

Hi Cuz! Thanks! I just got back from a rainy afternoon wandering Skylands Botanical Garden. Got some good photos and got wet jumping in puddles. Just what I needed. Glad to hear you guys are taking a trip. Have some tropical drinks for me!

The sand picture is the way the low goes out on the bay in the lay flat areas. Made for a neat pic.


Rie said...

Ssshhhhh.....Oh....I love jumping in puddles. It just brings out the kids in us. I think adults should do it and do it often (LOL)

Victoria Fatum said...

A little inspiration from the past sometimes is the best thing! I do the same thing when I go to Maine. Either revisiting photos tells me I want to shoot there again, or that I should totally avoid it! I'm sure you'll come back with great things from this trip!

Carl said...

Thanks Vicki - I had fun looking at last years pix. This year may be I'll stretch my people photo skills in P'Town. Still figuring out What to shoot.