Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Workshop - Bobolink Dairy

Today's photos are from the workshop I took yesterday with Nick Zungoli. We were shooting at Bobolink Dairy in Vernon NJ. This was a change of pace normally Nick does landscape workshops. This was an alumni class and he wanted to take us out of our comfort zone.... Well he did it 5 middle aged men running across a meadow to get the shot of the cows going into be milked dragging all their equipment. we must have made quite the impression on the animals at the farm. After shooting we went back to Nick's gallery for a spirited afternoon of advanced sharpening techniques. Everyone had a great time and some wonderful photos were taken.

Keep makin' Art


Janice Thomson said...

I really like these Carl. That last one with the window is such a simple yet effective capture - like the contrast between the peeling paint and the new green growth.

Carl said...

Thanks Janice. I think the barn window is my fav too.

Hannah said...

You know you have what it all it takes to be an artist, your works proved it all.:-)