Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fearless Painting Workshop

Day two group warm up exercise - Pretty Wild

Fearless Painters with our Instructor Delah McKay in front of a 4x8' group exercise.

Today I conquered fears of a new medium (acrylic) and painting large. This dogwood flower is 3x4' Can you believe it?

I spent Friday night and all weekend at a painting workshop called Fearless Painting. The workshop was taught by painter, Delah McKay in her Piermont, NY Studio and was Sponsored by Hopper House of Nyack. The workshop is designed to explore your boundaries and push you through to the that next level. It did that and so much more. There were 6 students in the class from all different artistic levels and experiences. Delah was able to create a safe environment where everyone was free to explore and learned much about each of us as artists there giving each of us assignments meant to push of us in the things we needed to grow as artists. Delah was able to do this by interviewing each of us ahead of time and really getting to the core of each persons art, this was followed up with visits to the blogs and websites of the participants of the class.
I was quite amazed at how quickly Delah had each of us figured out. I think she knew before I did that I have been grappling with a bigger artistic question.... And it was not Am I an Artist? That one I have known the answer to my whole life... I have been walking around with out voicing the question. Am I photogrpher who happens to paint a little or am I painter? For now I am a little bit of both... but the direction I want to head in and focus my energy on is painting and dare I say it Oils. I am pretty sure that is where I am heading. Don't worry if you are a fan of my photography. My camera is as much a part of me as my right arm... I got a great deal out of a just a couple of days. One of these days you may see that dogwood here as a real finished painting.
To Delah Mckay and my classmates in fearless painting - Thank You for a wonderful and meaningful weekend.
Keep Makin' Art


Dave King said...

That's a tremendous bit of painting for a workshop effort. On the basis of that I'd say you are headed in the right direction. Sounds to have been a brilliant workshop. It certainly made a brilliant post. Thanks for including us in.

Carl said...

Hi Dave,
Thanks. Yes it was a lot of painting. By my count I worked on 4 canvas boards, 3 full watercolor sheets a 3'x4' panel and a group 4'x8' panel. We were slinging paint around like mad, but focused and with a purpose.

Hopefully I canslate the spark started into some real dedicated time to painting.

Janice Thomson said...

What a thrill it must have been to complete your first large painting and in a new medium. It looks wonderful Carl. I can tell the workshop has done what it was supposed to do for you and you are moving ahead with renewed creativity. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
I too find photography as much a part of my work as art itself is and has indeed provided much help towards improving my artwork. While I am by no means the photographer that you are I have learned much from reading you and studying your work. Many thanks for sharing all with your readers.

Carl said...

Hi Janice -
The end result of the painting was not nearly as important as actually stepping up and painting it. The workshop was amazing. I look forward to taking more classes in painting with Delah this fall.


Carl said...

PS - Janice. You are a great photographer. You have a fantastic eye. I forgot to mention that in my reply.