Sunday, December 28, 2008

A winter hike in the woods

I was in Rochester for Christmas this year. After a fine holiday I woke up early on Friday and headed out for a little wander. I found myself 10 miles south of the city at Mendon Ponds Park. I had walked a trail there many years ago famous for its birds. It is aptly called birdsong trail. In the gray morning light as I walked the old orchard trail I was thinking of renaming it Squirrel song trail. The squirrels followed behind me from tree to tree like shy children hoping I would drop birdseed treats for them. Once I had walked the loop of the orchard trail I headed over to birdsong followed by my now small army of squirrels! I found a flurry of activity in some brambles and got my camera out. I used my 100-300 zoom lens and hand held at 400 ASA as the birds were flittering in and out of frame. I was able to capture these two shots one is of a titmouse and the other a chickadee. My morning out walking in the cold was a wonderful way to cap off the holiday. I love the quiet (and the sounds) of the woods in the snow from the animals to the crunching of my boots it helps to center me.
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Pat said...

Love the birds and the squirrel children imagery.

Janice Thomson said...

Gosh sweet little bird photos Carl. Love the sound of the chickadees flitting through the trees calling one another. Delightful captures.