Sunday, December 07, 2008

Fractals at 1AM

I could not sleep tonight. I was tossing and turning... I went online for a while. Creativity as always helped. I created this fractal I am calling Creative Fire. Now maybe I can get some sleep.
We are getting a light dusting of snow tonight. If the light looks good early in the AM I will head to the park and see what there is to photograph. I may head back to indian brook and check out the waterfall in the snow. I will post my results here later.
Keep Makin' Art.


Dave King said...

I think my comments are indanger of becoming repatitve. I'll vary this one and say your fractal is the best so far. Superb.

Carl said...


Many, many thanks. You and Janice are like a two prson fan club! I am always inspired to do more and post the results when I read your comments.