Sunday, April 27, 2008

Springtime in Suffern

I got up early today and planned to trek out to the Harriman State park to take photos. As I was getting ready I noticed the explosion of new flowers on the trees in my yard and captured a few images. Here are a couple for you to enjoy. I really liked setting up and shooting in my own yard.... It was a luxury to have a cup of coffee and bare feet while I was shooting. It is a great reminder that Art is everywhere you just need to look for it, even when you live in suburbia!


Janice Thomson said...

I quite agree that Art is everywhere - that one needs go no further than his own backyard especially if you live on the edge of a forest as I do :) These are beautiful photos Carl!

Carl said...

Janice - Thanks. I am lucky to have one of the largest and most beautiful state parks a couple of miles from home... but it was fun to roll out and start shooting 5 minutes after I got out of bed this morning.