Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Apologies

Friends -

no I did not get swallowed up whole by the earth or anything else like that. I have been out of the blogosphere for the past two weeks as work has been insanely busy. I'm not complaining... in fact I am very happy to have this job, but it did put some of my other pursuits on hold.

But now back to our original programming... Did any of you see Sunday Morning this week? There was a segment on photographer Greg Crewdson. His images are amazing and disquieting scenes like this one. He shoots what look like simple moments in time... but are elaborately lit and staged scenes. His style is more like a cinematographer than anything else I can define... but the result leaves me haunted and wanting to know more about the "characters" in his photos. The impression I am left with if much like that f viewing an Edward Hopper painting. This work is a polar opposite to my own where he employs a big production for each shot and flirts with (but never gets caught in) artifice or a contrived feeling. I wait for nature to present herself to me and only me and allows me to present what I find to others with my camera. Even though very different I really admire these images and how much they make me wonder. You should see them for yourself!



Janice Thomson said...

Technically Crewdson's work is flawless. His photos make you think as well, but I find them somewhat disturbing, tending towards the dark side. Each one touches on fear, isolation or anxiety. While this too is part of life I find I don't want to go there that often. That being said his work is certainly unique and worthy of a look.

Carl said...

I think you hit the nail right on the head Janice. It is the theme if isolation.. Something I find in Edward Hopper's paintings as well that I am forced to think about when I view these photos.