Saturday, July 05, 2014

GARNER24 Gallery

I mentioned in an earlier post that I took an 800 sq ft studio / gallery space with two of my favorite photographer's Michael Malandra and Julie Scholz.  Here are some photos of the space as it progresses from tired and old to a vibrant gallery space.  We (along with our amazing spouses Wendy, Susan and Durant) made great strides in the first full two days of work we have been able to put into the place.  So far we have internet / AC /  Carpets have been cleaned / we did some demo work and painted the interior.  The gallery (We are calling it GARNER24 (Garner Arts Center building 24) is in the old Garner Dye works where fabrics were made since the mid 1850's.  Later this week I will share some photos around the old factory complex.  It has really fueled my artistic inspiration.  Next up for the gallery.  We will paint the office gray and white with a big space of blackboard paint for ideas and notes.  We will paint the windowsills gloss black and start to figure out what to do with the exterior space in the hallway.  Should be another busy week.

Keep Makin' Art

Here is the space as we first saw it.  A little tired and old perhaps, but tons of potential

We opted to paint the walls a nice clean gray that will really show off our photography.

Here is the start of day 2 of work.  Notice the stairs are gone.  That opened up about 80 sq feet we can use for a 'chill zone' with a couch etc.  Also the kitchen cabinets went from oak to the same white we painted the long brick wall to help make them less noticeable.

Mid day things are shaping up.  Mike is moving so fast he showed up in the picture three times!

End of day 2.  Three tired but happy artists (Julie, Mike and Carl) have a nice  fresh gallery.  It is almost ready to hang a show.  That will happen later this summer.

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