Sunday, January 26, 2014

Reeve's Meadow - a walk in the snow.

There was a light snow yesterday afternoon.  Wendy saw the falling snow and said "I thought you would be out taking pictures this afternoon.  My boots and coat were on in a flash.  She asked where I would be heading.  I said… Not sure, Maybe Harriman.  OK, but shoot something new.  You already have plant of shots of streams….  It's true,  I am a junkie for rocks and water.  Always have been, but armed with these instructions I wandered the woods and the area around Reeve's Meadow.  It was a great choice and I thank Wendy for nudge in the right direction.  I learned a long time ago to trust her opinions and suggestions.  In fact she always helps me with the final selections of what goes into my shows.  The light snow clinging to and giving definition to the branches and the red and yellow grasses made for terrific compositions.  The woods were peaceful and I enjoyed them as much as any of my favorite streams.

Blogging has been a real effort of late.  It is different somehow since Dave King from the Pics and Poems blog passed away.  He commented on nearly all of my over 900 posts.  I always looked forward to the critique, commentary or just a friendly word from my friend from England.  I intended to keep going with the blog this year.  there are great things in store for me and my photography.  This is a great way to share my current work news.  I will have to start making the rounds again and visiting other blogs.

Keep Makin' Art!


Rie said...

Listen to your wife.....She has great advise. The pictures are lovely!!!

Carl said...

Thanks Cuz! Yeah she's a smart gal.