Saturday, March 30, 2013

London - Day 1

We arrived early Friday morning on an overnight flight.  Wendy and our friend Laura  and I checked in, got some coffee and started our adventure... Most of the day was spent walking down by the Thames and the West end.  We had a couple of great meals.... Sandwiches at the Sherlock Holmes pub near Traflgar and an amazing Italian dinner.  Put in about 8 hours of walking and went out to take some night photos for a few hours.  It is near freezing here, but we had a great first day.  Looking forward to museum and theater today and more photos.  London is a great city to wander and explore.  I will start posting some photos next week.

Keep Makin' Art!


Rie said...

Can't wait to see the photos!! Enjoy Lil' Cuz....xoxoxoxxo

Dave King said...

Welcome, sorry about the weather! Avidly looking forward to the shots.

Carl said...

Rie- Thanks having a great time!

Dave- no worries on the weather. What a great city. Can't wait to post images next week.

Carl said...

Thanks Cuz.