Sunday, February 17, 2013

Brooklyn Bridge

I have been planning an excursion to lower Manhattan to photograph the Brooklyn Bridge at night for a while now, but have not had all of the details line up until last night.  I have been researching exactly where and when to position myself to get the shots for almost a year.  I got there at the perfect time just after sunset on a cloudy night.  The clouds mixed with the ambient light from the city gave it these wonderful colors.
Wandering around the empty South Street Seaport I found some other interesting things to photograph that I will post this week.

Also I am way behind on my sketch a day project, but will try to catch up.

Keep Makin' Art!


Rie said...

OMG...These are fabulous!!!!!

Carl said...

Thanks Cuz! It was worth getting my butt off the couch on a Saturday evening to get these shots. South Street Seaport was empty. I could set up anywhere I wanted. Really got to take my time and work on the shots.

Dave King said...

These are a knock-out, and as always, intriguing to compare the B&W with the others. And a good idea - a moment of inspiration, perhaps - to include the telescope.

Carl said...

Thanks Dave.

I often try to add the tourist telescopes into shots. These are te most successful attempt at that.